Statement of Purpose


This statement of purpose is intended to be a brief reasoning and vision for my web / blog.

First of all it is a selfish act, where I basically try to organize my observations, thoughts, creative process and put it all together in a documentary. The aim is to be -hopefully- more productive and efficient.

Secondly it is a collaborative act, where I try to reach out to those, who are interested in the content, have their own experience & skill set, and are willing to collaborate create new synergies. Let it be anything I cover here (projects, music etc ) or even completely new stuff.

Finally, I try to showcase an auto-biography: who I am, what I do, what life means to me and what my outlook is.

I am looking for participation and involvement to breed seeds of synergy and higher aspirations.

This is my vision for the journey.

Set sail! Rastgele!