Since I came to realize that I exist (?!), music was an important way of my self expression.

And our journey with kep starting from 2001 with the roots up to 1999 -when I picked up the bass guitar-, has been an important part of my life.

kep @ itu

It was my privilege to play bass in a trio of very talented musicians, my high school friend Kemal Tolun (vocals and guitars) and my cousin Koray Ozsoy (drums).

I would define kep as a band full of energy and fun (definitely characterized by the sound of “Kaset”), of course compensated by my sour influence (as in “Yalnizlik Turkusu”).

I always loved to define our sound as the sound of Beyoglu (a unique place at the heart of Istanbul, bringing all the diversity together). It ranged from alternative rock to funk-rock heavily influenced by Turkish tunes and rhythms.

Especially in the early years, it was a significant experience for me as a song writer and a bass player with a funky taste to experiment on compositions and our tunes. In the following years, as we started to make our way to the main stage, it was a semi-pro stage experience, where we got to realize many others enjoying what we are doing. This encountering was the main motivation that kept us going. We played for bar gigs without a count, numerous festivals and events. On our way we’ve met with very important friends, our nameless heroes, but cannot pass without naming Ramazan Toktay, who engineered our sound and helped to manage this act.

This is an open letter to thank everyone involved, listening, hosting, sharing and making this a unique experience.


As we parted ways to discover different paths of life, kep is conveniently resting for a while… catching breath, preparing for new chapters. new stories..

engin on bass