My homepage serves a main HUB for all my digital presence. Below you will find links to my work on the online world as well as other contents that I follow and recommend.

My Pages

  • Dijitolog
    I am an author for Dijitolog, which is a Turkish online magazine-blog that interprets trends in the digital world.
  • engin@facebook
    My Facebook Profile
  • engin.ozsoy@myspace
    This is my profile on myspace, where I upload my new songs and mostly improvisational recordings.
  • kep@myspace
    KEP is my band (me on vocals and bass) we started back in 2001. Our myspace profile contains our records, photos, etc.
  • Shared RSS
    Contents, that I liked and recommended from the fusion of my RSS feeds.
  • DeviantArt
    My profile on DeviantArt showcasing my photography and illustrations.

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