Facebook Ecosystem

Facebook has always been in the spot light somehow since its kick-off and it never stops to amaze us with its growth rate.  From 2004 til 2011 the company increased its headcount approx. 50% every year and has about 2000 employees as of today.

However, the impact factor of Facebook is not the its own economy, but rather the eco-system it created around itself. In this regards, since one of the most strategic movements of the company, to open the Facebook API to 3rd party developers in 2009, the job listings including the Facebook keyword increased 245% according to SimplyHired reports. These listings involve mostly non-engineering positions, as well as engineering positions, including a variety of domains such as application development, data analysis, marketing and PR.

If we analyze the numbers, we see an incredible growth and even more important an increasing growth rate. Today, there are more than 550 000 active Facebook applications. Considering it took only 4 years to reach that count, this is pretty huge. However, it is even more striking how much added value these application bring. Even if only Zynga is considered, which is a social gaming company significantly fueled by Facebook, its value is estimated to be around 7 billion $. Another example is Facebook fueled social match making company Snap Interactive, which doubles the 2009 revenues and lists 6.7 million $s revenues in 2010. Quite remarkable!

facebook ecosystem

As it seems, while Twitter is still trying to figure out a profitable business model, Facebook is already in a very different page.


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